Friday, February 11, 2011

Luminate Your Winter World

I live in a rural area of Upstate NY.  Each Christmas Eve community volunteers set up luminaries on our country roads.  It's a beautiful tradition that I look forward to each year.  A few years ago I decided to place luminaries along my walk to contribute to the community's efforts.

Volunteers save up plastic gallon jugs, usually milk jugs, to set along the road side.  Instead of using plastic I decided to use recycled glass jars.  I saved up my Newman's Own sauce jars to use, but you could use any glass jar of your liking.  Jelly and jam jars come in all shapes and sizes now and would make beautiful luminaries.

I have also made luminaries out of white paper lunch sacks.  You could use any small paper sack I like to use white for it's versatility.  You can leave the paper sacks plain or decorate them.  I've done both with great results.

I like to use glass jars because you can fill them with candies.  During the Christmas holidays I've used peppermint candies.  Not only do the candies look great, but my walk smells minty, too!  On Halloween night I've used candy corn, which makes the outside of my house smell sweet.  The kids love it!

Luminaries can be done anytime of year, but I especially love them in winter.  I love seeing the flame as it lights the dark night while balancing on snow.  It's like magic.

Luminaries are also a great way to dress up your outside for special occasions such as dinner parties or cocktails, but it's great for no other reason than to add a little magic to an otherwise ordinary night.  ;)


Anonymous said...

What a cool idea! We've done luminaries before, but never as clever as these. And now I want to go grab some jars (I just happen to have a few spares, no, I am NOT a hoarder, much).

Skye said...

Every thanksgiving, people would place luminaries around the 3-mile loop around Greenlake (in Seattle). Then, folks would just do that walk. The luminaries were all in white paper bags. It was wonderful.

London Mabel said...


It's a Meow World said...

@Julie - Glass jars are great to keep on hand. If you need more ideas for them you just let me know! :)

I've got a lot of creative ideas and am craftier than I ever thought. Hit me up anytime. ;)

@Skye - Sounds so beautiful! I love how luminaries add that special extra touch to special occasion or holiday.

Wahoo and I rang in Y2K in Jacksonville. We attended this fantastic festival a few blocks from the beach. At 11:30pm they had a luminary path leading to the beach. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

We rang in the new millennium on the beach with a bonfire, African drummers, a Chinese dancing dragon and fireworks. Needless to say we've never come close to topping that night!

All this talk about luminaries has me thinking it might be time for no-reason luminaries just cause.

@Mabel - Thank you, and thanks for popping in for a visit. :)