Friday, February 4, 2011

Fight like a Lady...err...girl!

"Fight like a girl" is a breast cancer campaign, and we thought we'd put our own spin on it.  Wahoo's pretty in pink to show his support for Kara, and the sign is a play on his last name.  

How many guys would don a skin tight pink shirt and allow their captor girlfriend post it around Facebook?  He rocks. :)

Thank you for keeping Kara and her family in your thoughts.  Every vibe counts!  :)


Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore your guy?! Well I do.
When my sister was dealing with her shit, my brother-in-law wore a shirt that said "Fuck Cancer." We have pictures.
I am sending healing love and "fuck cancer" vibes to Kara and her family. Can't really do the whole pink thing, but that's just me. You and your loved one's are in my thoughts. Keeping you all close to my heart.

It's a Meow World said...

Thank you, Julie. I love "fuck cancer" vibes! I'll have to pass that one on. :) I'll be sure to pass on your adoration of Wahoo, too. :)

This is actually an anti fracking shirt and the only pink shirt we had that fit him. I thought up the sign as a cover, but love the play on the "fight like a girl" slogan.

Our friends on Facebook got a kick out it, as did my little niece. She thought it was so funny that Uncle was wearing pink!